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Autumn / Winter 16-17

Autumn/Winter 16/17

The Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection, IF BY SEA, continues the journey of Nephila (the Golden Orb-web Spider), the MOIXA muse.  In her search for adventure she decides she would like to travel by sea, but first she must get a job.

It's all about glamour at the office with loosely tailored silhouettes that look professional, feminine and chic.  The collection takes a lot of inspirations from the sailboat itself.  Gold rope with sailor’s knots are used to secure overlays shaped like sails.  The hand dyed Batik prints capture the colour palette chosen to reflect the sea’s greens and blues along with hues of rust and sand that represent the boat’s deck.  Reworked classic dress shirts with French cuffs and caps sleeves team up with trouser and skirts made of Japanese drill featuring jetted pockets and gold buttons.

Although not as predominant as the previous collection, the gold handmade web stills finds its way into a few of the outfits along with a few Swarovski stone scattered here and there.

Suitable for everyday wear, the garments are designed to endure the test of time.

Photographers: Mickey San & Dáyò Áwé
Models:  Aneta Kocisova, Ceryis Parrott, Charlotte Nosibor, Dorothy Yang, Greta Budreikaite, Jennifer Aima, Jolanta Wnuk, Mica Brown, Sofia Targova and Tarcha Peters
Makeup:  AOFM
Hair: Gro London