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Spring / Summer 2011

Spring/Summer 2011

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection reviews the designers take on the prim 1950’s silhouette that has adopted a slight hint of rebellious sophistication.

Strong silhouettes and sharp lines can be found throughout the collection, yet all the pieces still suggest a sensual feminine side with several different textures of luxurious silk fabrics, figure hugging contours and classic styling.

The silk singlet dresses give the prim and proper silhouettes a level of sassiness.  Skirts with folds and drapes are teamed up with sleeker effortless pieces to create a playful yet sophisticated and modern look. Dresses are skillfully, yet sensually, tailored with panels and folds with the shoulder playing the part of the erogenous zone.

Seen throughout the collection, Shibori dyed fabrics in mid-night blue, purple, red and sky blue gives the illusion of texture meant to look of armor like a reptile, adding to the unique qualities of the designs.

Calling the collection The New Predator, Denise Mahmud makes sure you can’t be dissuaded that the designs aren’t quite as innocent as they seem.

Photographer:  Denise Mahmud
Models: Gloria Wu, Annaliese Dayes, Gabby Brielle, Malgorzata Wierzbicka, Lisa Howard