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Spring / Summer 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

Inspired by Nephila, more commonly known as the Golden Orb-web spider, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection interprets her web is a shimmering handmade fabric which pulses through the collection.

It’s a magical journey from the spider’s home in the woods to the red carpet.  The handmade web is combined with cottons and silks to produce garments that celebrate the colours of the woods.  What the sun shining through would look like and the night sky that we might expect to see - full of glistening stars represented by Swarovski crystals, stones and beads.  It’s all about texture, colour and curves.

The web fabric represents beauty and strength. The collection is about building and rebuilding one’s image and making a statement that is timelessly modern and inclusively ageless.

Photographer: Gibson Blanc Photography
Models:  Aneta Kocisova and Jennifer Aima
Makeup:  Fashion Fair UK
Stylist:  Global Style Services